Water - IICRC

3 day introduction to the basic principles of structural drying. You will learn about how dehumidifiers, air movers and other specialty equipment work together to control Humidity, Airflow and Temperature (HAT). Safety, Psychrometry, how to calculate equipment requirements and other items are addressed.


Fire and Smoke - IICRC

2 day introduction to the principles of cleaning of structure and contents. Cleaning after a fire can be complicated and tedious, however the basic principles of cleaning are simple. Learn how to apply the 4 principles of cleaning and deodorization to successfully remove the smoke smell. Lets face it, just about anyone can apply paint to a wall and make it pretty; however if the odor is left behind it is still going to smell pretty bad!

Odor Control - IICRC

1 day odor control introduces you to the 4 principles of odor control. It breaks the mystery of odor down to a scientific level and teaches you how to eliminate even the more difficult odors.

Carpet Cleaning - IICRC 

3 day hands on carpet cleaning. Learn the principles of cleaning, fiber identification, spot cleaning and proper use of chemicals 


10 hour General  Industry Safety class delivered over a two day period. This class is a must have for all industries -- construction, restoration or industrial. Save an instant $215 +/- over the IICRC HST class!! Most HST classes cost $400 + and then you pay the IICRC $65.00 exam fee. No exam is required for the OSHA 10 hour. The OSHA 10 hour is all the IICRC technician requires to fulfill Master designation requirements!!!!

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30 hours General safety class 

Bio Crime/Trauma Scene Forensic Restoration Technologist


3 day class. you will learn about Forensic Restoration, also known as Bio-Cleaning or Bio-Recovery. This course will provide you with knowledge to work safely, and efficient with proven practices known to the industry. Government standards and regulations will be discussed, this hands-on course using real bovine blood will allow us to bring you as close to a real world scenario as you can get before getting in over your head on your first project. You will also obtain your OSHA 10 hour general industry safety card. For the IICRC certified people you also get 2 CECs and the HST Safety equivalent. You will now also qualify for your IICRC Master designations  

AMRT Applied microbial remediation technician 

$950            (Prerequisite: IICRC Certification in WRT) 

The Applied Microbial Remediation Technician course covers mold and sewage remediation techniques to individuals engaged in property management, property restoration, IEQ investigations or other related professions. Emphasis will be placed on teaching mold and sewage remediation techniques to individuals who will perform these procedures in the field. Course graduates will be adequately equipped to perform remediation services, while protecting the health and safety of workers and occupants. (4 day course; 28 hours) IICRC test fee is $150 and not included in course cost.

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Emergency Mitigation Technician


Professional Education


Our Instructors

Our instructors are IICRC approved and have up to date real world experience in the courses delivered 

Classes Offered 

EMTA offers IICRC approved WRT, SRT, OCT courses with real life experience scenarios  ( more classes coming soon)

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